Hello zips! Today I'll be showing you my very selective list of holy grail products featuring low cost cruelty free makeup that has been trending on reviews and are worth to try. If you want to know keep reading.

A selection of beauty gurus holly grail low cost products.

So we all been seeing a lot of products around the internet being reviewed and loved this will be my personal selection of holly grail called by beauty gurus lately. Be prepared for a short list since I don't want to induce to consumerism. Some of them I've tried and some others are worth for me to try based on the amount of reviews I've seen and the quality of this.


LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

Moving on to foundation I have to mention this foundation because I got to love it since the first time. The Pro Coverage Illuminating foundation will make your skin glow healthy and cover your scars or discolorations. In my experience has worked excellent and doesn't make my skin look cakey or oily for a good amount of time when properly sealed with powder.

ELF Camo Concealer 16H

Elf came out with a new concealer which is yet another dupe for the Shape Tape concealer by Tarte at just a fraction of the price. According to Elle the internet has voted this the best concealer ever.
I've used it myself and it has a lot to offer in terms of pigmentation coverage and duration trough a long day and it is definitively worth to try by $5 USD.
Source Elle Website

ELF Putty Primer

The next product again from Elf was sold out on the US after Jeffree Star did a review on it making it comparable and even better than other high end pricier product. Of course the internet went crazy and I haven't had the chance to try it because its sold out on Ulta and Target near to my house.

Jeffree Star Elf Primer Review

MegaGlo™ Highlighting Powder - Blossom Glow Wet n Wild

I'm really sure you may have heard of this product already but again hitting on the low cost side of makeup we got another goodie for under 6 USD to glow up your life. This highliter by Wet n Wild it's one of the most beautiful glows for the past months. The formula and the amount of reviews of this conclude the same thing: it its worth it.

Source: Instagram.

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