Hello zips! Today I'm going to talk about something I've been struggling with: acne. Yes, I have been fighting acne for a few years on my back and my face and I'm going to tell you how to get rid of it in one night or at least calm it.

Say goodbye to breakouts with Sudocrem.

The real true is that unless you attack the source of your acne problem being this stress, hormonal issues or alimentation you wont be able to say goodbye to it in one night this is unreal and its click bait. We will just be putting a band-aid on something that may require stitches if you know what I mean.

Most of the treatments for acne just cover the symptoms like the Salicylic Acid serum from The Ordinary which helps on my everyday but sometimes my acne evolves to be something more red and infected because I got the bad habit of touching my face with my dirty hands causing makeup and dirt to go on my pimples and making a huge ball growing inside my skin being red and ugly.

During a few months I didnt wanted to do any makeup videos because I was ashamed of any of this cyber haters and bullies to tell me something about my acne that it looks ugly and that I looked ugly because I felt that way.

So I was doing my research looking for something that could help me treat the infected pimples and I found Sudocrem and a lot of videos about it with the Aztec Clay Mask with the sole promise to clear the skin from acne and stuff like that.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream 125g Walmart

So I tried the Sudocrem as an overnight treatment and It works it may stain my pillows but the pimples are gone next day. The Sudocrem ingredients are antiseptics preventing bacteria to infect my acne and cause more redness and pain. I get acne due to stress and hormonal issues and my combo skin is not super good helping me with it but this cream works good for me the next day I wake up clear and feeling healthier.


According to the Living and Loving website it helps tighten pores and prevent the buildup of sebum, reducing the formation of blackheads and pimples. You will go to bed looking like Casper, but you will wake up looking fresher and smoother, with a more even complexion. Be sure to sleep on a towel. Do this once a week only. Click here to read the complete article.

In my opinion it has worked for me and its super easy to get online I got it at Walmart online and it got home super fast. This is the treatment I use at night to get my pimples calmed while I work to get rid of them since this is hormonal I cant control it completely but I can try to calm them and give me more quality time to connect with myself and attack this problem.

P.S. Sorry for not taking pictures of my acne for a before/after comparison it just doesn't make me feel comfortable.

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