Hello friends! Today I'll talk about a few product samples I got for free on a website called PinchME. This are a few samples that they sent me for free to try out and give my opinion on them.

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I will explain a little bit more about this website you answer a few surveys and they match you with some samples based in your answers and you can pick some samples to add to your box. Confirm your information and they will send you all the samples together inside the Pinch Me box. In exchange you post a review in your social about each product. I thought it would be better in my blog since you may wanna know whats the trick on this or if they actually send something to your house.


This product promises to help to cover your roots and avoid dying your hair too often. It came in a powder presentation similar to those eyeshadow samples you get when you try catalog products like Mary Kay. It's an alternative to the Permanent Root Touch Up product from Clairol that actually dyes your hair.
Price 11 USD @ Walmart

They gave me a few samples of different shades to try and also promises to be waterproof and it can be used for your eyebrows as well and of course I tried it and the results where the same as if I was using a normal eyeshadow for my eyebrows but to remove it I had to put more effort but nothing significant. They also gave me a discount coupon if I want to purchase the full size of this product.


I also got a gift card that gives me $25 OFF my first two boxes of Hello Fresh a website you can order ingredients to make food according how many people you want to feed. Basically you pick "enchiladas for two" and they will send you the ingredients to your home and instructions to cook it. I would try it but I know how to cook so...  🤷‍♀️

Hello Fresh


Flavor: Vanilla Almond Butter

This amazing nut butter is extra flavory and they kindly sent me one bag of this to try it tasted good with banana and bread. Is made with egg white and nuts and also has a high protein content. It was good for a snack. Calories are 190 per serving each bag is one serving. 


I love coffee so I was happy to be able to try something like this. I still got this sample I haven't tried it but I wanted to mention it as well on this round up.

This was it for this roundup its the first time I can try if this website is legit and actually sends the samples and they did. They also got another boxes they sent to people who answers surveys and get enough credits they can cash out for their boxes and get into raffles to get makeup boxes and some other products.


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